Stirrup, Hammer & Anvil (2014) Stirrup, Hammer & Anvil was an exhibition dedicated to the formal introduction of sound art into the Art Matters Festival (Montrea, 2014) - a medium young in the world of institutionalized art. It was an environment where the showcased creative works were consumable solely through the auditory sense - an environment that sought to heighten an auditory exploration of the work through means that encouraged the muting of the other senses. Featured artists demonstrated influences from Musique Concrète, Electroacoustics, Acousmatic tradition, Sound Art, Noise and more.

Stirrup, Hammer & Anvil was an environment where live performance, headphone listening, 2-channel and 5.1 multichannel works were all presented at their original resolution using high-quality ware. The curatorial intent was to provide emerging artists working in the sound medium with a platform that would ensure the integrity of their work - work that inherently requires high-quality playback systems. An additional objective was to expose audiences to a full swath of sound creation - unheard colours, non-traditional arrangements, sonic storytelling, avant-garde expressions - some musical, some Electroacoustic, some... undetermined.