Photoharmonia (2013) “Photoharmonia” is an interactive sculpture & instrument. The format in which it is presented here is that of video documentation, which
 demonstrates the instrument being played 'live' by its creators off-camera. “Photoharmonia” in its complete form can be understood as having three components: The first is its sculptural component: a crystal-inspired, three-dimensional sculpture that represents the visual/sculptural expression of the project. This sculptural component is positioned at the point of intersection between the lighting rig and an array of photosensors. The second component is the 8-channel LED lighting grid: a grid of carefully positioned LEDs fixed above the sculpture, that are triggered on and off by the performer. The third component is the 6-channel photoresistor synthesizer: photoresistors placed under and around the sculpture, directed upwards at the corresponding LEDs, react to light intensity and correspondingly change the frequency of their respective square-wave oscillator. The aim of this project was to create an interactive sculpture that had a mutually responsive visual and sonic relationship - a new type of musical instrument that allows the performer to compose sonically and visually at the same time . In collaboration with Adam Tadros