Photoharmonia II (current)  This cross-disciplinary project means to investigate new creative intersections between audio and visual art forms. Variable light sources are used as bows, mallets, sticks and fingers, playing the grid of light-responsive sensors spread-out across the 7 x 12 foot three-dimensional backdrop like a musical instrument. With this, new and unique methods of sonic composition are explored using varying light intensity and rate of movement.
This project began as a submission to the 2014 installment of the MUTEK festival Montreal (Photoharmonia). Photoharmonia II represents the next stage in conceptual, technical and interactive capacity. Pursuing the interactive element of this project is the ultimate artistic goal. The core aspect of development stemming from the initial version is the expansion of ways in which one can engage with, manipulate and create using the piece. The fundamental objective of the piece is to produce a creative tool that people of varying practices in diverse art forms can then use to create. After the device is constructed and operational, a work-shopping phase will commence with the purpose of building a ‘repertoire’ for the instrument in the traditional sense as with a musician or ensemble. In collaboration with Adam Tadros